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** READ THIS BEFORE APPLYING FOR A REDUCTION OF FEES: Please note that if you are granted a reduction of fees, it prevents you from qualifying for the waiver of fees later. Therefore, consider applying for the waiver first, before requesting a reduction. **

The Application form gives you the option of applying for a WAIVER of fees OR a REDUCTION of fees.

Applying for a Reduction of Fees

1. The reduction (reducing some fees) is for those who do not have SNAP assistance (food stamps).
2. It is for those who have paid all fines or completed all assigned Court programs for any violations.
3. Visit the BMV Online Services Form. After entering your personal information, you will see a summary of the cases that you have reinstatement fees.
4. DO NOT PRESS THE “APPLY FOR FEE REDUCTION” until you study what you are eligible for. (You may be eligible to apply for the Fee Waiver).
5. If there are outstanding court cases that have fines to be paid, go pay those first (payment plans are available through the program “In the Neighborhood”. Once those court fines are settled, repeat steps 3 and 4 on this page. If all of your court obligations are settled, you can get the maximum reinstatement fee reduction.
6. YOU MUST APPLY BY July 31st 2019 to get any reinstatement fee reduction.