Community Court Docket Begins

Community Court Docket Begins!

On Tuesday, February 7, 2017 the Honorable Suzan Sweeney presided over the newly
established Community Court Docket as the first two participants agreed to the terms and conditions and will immediately begin giving back to their community as well as receiving education and employment services!

The Community Court Docket is held twice a month on Tuesdays at 2:30 p.m.
Community Court is the newest grant-funded dedicated docket at Cleveland Municipal Court.  One of the main objectives of the docket is to partner justice with assistance.  This allows the Court to send two very important and distinct messages:
  • There are consequences to crime
  • But we’re here to help

The purpose of the docket is to address mass incarceration by providing alternatives to jail for individuals who have established a pattern of committing “lower-level quality of life offenses” in their community.  Individuals who commit these low-level offenses and agree to the program may receive no court costs, no jail time, a shortened probation period as well as substance abuse treatment, employment or education assistance.

For more information about the Community Court Docket please contact:

India George
Community Court Docket Coordinator
(216) 664-4931

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