73rd Judge Larry A. Jones Drug Court Achievement Ceremony

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The 73rd Achievement Ceremony of the Judge Larry A. Jones Drug Court, under the direction of Judge Lauren C. Moore took place at 4:30 pm on Monday, March 6, 2023 at the Friendly Inn Settlement House at 2386 Unwin Rd. in Cleveland. Congratulations to the 8 approved graduates who celebrated the completion of their Drug Court program.  Special thanks to East Cleveland Municipal Court Judge William Dawson who served as the guest speaker. 

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On behalf of Judge Moore and Program Coordinator, Emily Gibbs, thank you to all who participated in this event for your generous time and dedication. The total number of people who have successfully completed the Judge Larry A. Jones Drug Court program since it began in 1998 is 1,897. 

For more information about the Judge Larry A. Jones Drug Court please contact:
Emily Gibbs
Program Coordinator                                          
Direct Phone: 216 664 6656
Email -
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