Drug Court Team Visits Hitchcock Center for Women

Greater Cleveland Drug Court Team Visits

  The Hitchcock Center for Women

On Monday, April 17, 2017 Greater Cleveland Drug Court Program Coordinator, Dr. Daryl Jackson, led a Drug Court team visit to the Hitchcock Center for Women facility at 1227 Ansel Road in Cleveland.  

Dr. Daryl D. Jackson reports that this site visit is very important to the Greater Cleveland Drug Court because he feels that it is important to start to address more gender-specific issues exclusively surrounding women with trauma that are currently active participants within the Greater Cleveland Drug Court Program.   “The trauma-informed care approach acknowledges the high prevalence of traumatic experiences in persons who will receive services through the Greater Cleveland Drug Court. This approach also acknowledges that when staff members possess a thorough understanding of the profound neurological, biological, psychological, and social effects of trauma and violence on the individual and family; women and girls have better outcomes of success and can go on to live complete and healthy lives,” says Dr. Jackson.

The Hitchcock Center offers comprehensive services solely for women and girls, including outpatient treatment, childcare, intermediate care, aftercare services, family services, case management, art therapy and alternative healing arts to help change lives.

For over thirty years, the Hitchcock Center  has provide services to more than 12,000 women and their families throughout the Greater Cleveland area. Some former clients have moved on to much greater places in their personal and professional lives – lives that include the roles of wives, mothers, professionals, skilled crafts people, nurses. Many of these women have returned the love by volunteering through the Hitchcock Center for Women (HCFW) Alumnae Council.

For more information about the Greater Cleveland Drug Court please contact:

Dr. Daryl D. Jackson, Program Coordinator
(216) 420-8871

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