22nd Annual Cleveland Mock Trial Competition

22nd Annual

Cleveland Mock Trial Competition

Congratulations to all teams that participated in the 22nd Annual Cleveland Mock Trial Competition which took place on Friday May 11, 2018.  The annual competition, under the direction of the Honorable Lauren C. Moore, engages Cleveland students and their teachers who spend a full day at the Justice Center presenting both sides of a hypothetical case that is based upon similar cases before the court.

1st Place - Cleveland School of Science and Medicine Team #2
2nd Place - Cleveland School of Science and Medicine Team #1
3rd Place - Facing History New Tech Team

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In addition to the three winning teams, the following students were awarded summer internships for their outstanding performances:

1. Outstanding Prosecuting Attorney – Destiny Jones, Facing History
2. Outstanding Defense Attorney – Qasim Duncan, Collinwood
3. Outstanding Witness (P) – Noni Akintunde, Cleve. Science & Medicine
4. Outstanding Writer – Violet Sherhag, Bard HS
5. Outstanding Witness (D) – Trevor James, Ginn

his year’s case, "The City of Erieland vs. Cameron Woods", focused on the opioid crisis and involved criminal charges of involuntary manslaughter and drug trafficking. Click here to view the 2018 case materials.

The hypothetical case was created by past mock trial participants Dairian Heard and Xavier Thomas-Hughes.  authors2Dairian and Xavier are alumni of the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association Louis Stokes Scholars Program who share a passion for writing and legal research. Dairian earned her B.A. in English from Georgetown College, and plans to practice Entertainment Law.  Xavier is a Whitney Young High School and High Tech Academy alumnus, graduating valedictorian from Whitney Young and co-valedictorian from High Tech in 2013, followed by attending Ohio State University and majoring in Political Science.  

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The Cleveland Mock Trial Competition gives Cleveland high school students a chance to prepare their best legal arguments for an exciting day of competition with their peers each year in the spring.

Coached by volunteer attorneys and law students, the teams take turns representing the prosecution and defense in a criminal appeal, giving them the opportunity both to hone their legal skills and to learn more about important issues facing teens today. The top attorneys, witness, and essay writer are rewarded with a paid summer internship at the Cleveland Municipal Court.
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Contact:  Ed Ferenc, Public Information Officer                                   
Cleveland Municipal Court
216 664 6787 / 216 789 2597
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