Cleveland Municipal Court Celebrates Achievements

Cleveland Municipal Court's Mental Health Docket, Veterans Treatment Docket,  Human Trafficking Docket and Community Court Docket recently celebrated achievement ceremonies for participants who fulfilled their respective program requirements.

Mental Health Specialized Docket
The Honorable Emanuella Groves

The Mental Health Specialized Docket celebrated its latest achievement ceremony on April 18, 2018. The Mental Health Docket works with community mental health agencies as well as specially trained Probation Officers to give offenders access to a wide range of services including, forensic psychiatry, medication management, intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment, partial hospitalization and support services.

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Veterans Treatment Specialized Docket
The Honorable Charles L. Patton, Jr.

The Veterans Treatment Specialized Docket celebrated its latest achievement ceremony on May 22, 2018. The program serves active duty military service members and veterans who have returned to civilian life with significant psychical and mental trauma that may have contributed to their involvement with the court. Participants are provided with access to various treatment options along with a six-month Mentoring Program that provides one-on-one mentoring sessions designed to give veterans much needed support and feedback from another veteran.

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Human Trafficking Specialized Docket
The Honorable Marilyn B. Cassidy

The Human Trafficking Specialized Docket, also known as the Freedom Lives in You (F.L.Y.) docket celebrated its latest recognition ceremony on June 18, 2018. The Human Trafficking Docket was created as an alternative to traditional case processing to address the needs of adult victims of human trafficking who are forced, compelled or coerced to engage in criminal activities that result in their involvement with the court. After a trafficking victim is identified, the program, in partnership with the Hitchcock Center for Women, provides gender-specific and trauma informed recovery housing for participants.

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Community Court Docket
The Honorable Suzan Marie Sweeney

Community Court celebrated its latest achievement ceremony on June 19, 2018. The Community Court Docket responds to quality-of-life crimes by ordering offenders to pay back the communities they harmed through visible community service projects like painting over graffiti, beautifying neighborhood parks and cleaning litter. This program also links offenders to services designed to help address underlying issues fueling their criminal behavior including, drug and alcohol treatment, mental health services, job training and public benefits.

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