Valentine's Day Weddings at Tower City 2019
On Thursday, February 14, 2019 the partnership between the Cleveland Municipal Court and Tower City Center continued as sixteen couples took or renewed their wedding vows for the 11th consecutive year on Valentine's Day before Cleveland Municipal Court Judges at Tower City. Presiding over this year's ceremony were the Honorable Marilyn B. Cassidy, the Honorable Emanuella Groves, the Honorable Lauren C. Moore and the Honorable Ann Clare Oakar, the Honorable Suzan Marie Sweeney and  the Honorable Shiela Turner McCall.
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In addition to Valentine's Day Weddings at Tower City Center, the Cleveland Municipal Court performs wedding ceremonies each Monday and Friday at the Justice Center. Interested couples must obtain their marriage license in advance at the Cuyahoga County Courthouse, located at One Lakeside Ave. and must register with the Cleveland Clerk of Court, located on the second floor of the Justice Center. 

For more information, including license and registration fees, please contact the Cuyahoga County Courthouse at (216) 443-8922 or the Cleveland Clerk of Court at (216) 664-4812.


Ed Ferenc / CMC Public Information Officer
(216) 664-6787    Cell: (216) 857-7420

Jason Howe, Marketing Coordinator, Tower City Center
(216) 623-4767    Cell: (216) 857-4024

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