eFiling Login and Registration
The Cleveland Municipal Court and the Clerk of Courts office initiated a new version of eFiling for our Civil Division. All attorneys must register to use our new eFiling system. See registration instructions and eFiling video tutorial below.

If you have already registered click Login to access eFiling or click Register to create an account.

Click here to login to Cleveland Municipal Court eFiling

Click here to register for Cleveland Municipal Court eFiling

Remember that this system is NOT for criminal filings, but for filings in the Civil Division such as; New Case Filings, Small Claims (Non Housing), Civil Torts, Civil Contracts, Pre-judgement pleading/motion. Garnishments will NOT be accepted at this time.

Instructions for Attorney Registration for eFiling

Enter your Bar Number and email information
attorney efiling instructions 1

Enter your personal information on this screen. The fields in red are required fields it will not let you continue unless all required fields have been populated.
attorney efiling instructions 2
Click the Finish button. When finished an email confirmation will be sent to you.

Cleveland Municipal Court
eFiling Video Tutorial

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