Remembering the Honorable Larry A. Jones, Sr.

Judge Jones touched so many at the Court and one person who worked closely with him over the years was Administrative Assistant Colleen Radeff who wrote the following:

I was heartbroken to hear of the passing of Judge Larry Jones, my first favorite boss. 

In October of 2003, I was working in the Probation Department and was asked one day to go up and help Judge Jones organize his office.  It would be part time and just for a few months.  However, one day in December, he called me in his office and said he thought that it would be a good idea if he had a full time administrative assistant.  I gladly accepted and have been so grateful ever since for the opportunities that he has given me.

I remember asking him one day if he would mind if I sat in on Drug Court to observe.  He was so compassionate and fair, but what I also saw was how the whole team worked together so well because of his direction.

I also remember a time when I was so embarrassed because I was having a hard time figuring out how to mail merge and he heard my frustration and came out to help me!

He spoke so often and proudly about his family and liked to celebrate his birthday by inviting the whole court to his Labor Day picnics, which created so many good memories. Judge Jones was such a positive influence in my life and I know the same is true for anyone else lucky enough to have known him.

Colleen Radeff


Ed Ferenc / CMC Public Information Officer
(216) 664-6787

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