Court Presents What is Human Trafficking Awareness Training

What is Human Trafficking?
Court Educates and Engages the Community on a Growing Problem

September 16, 2014

(Cleveland) --The Cleveland Municipal Court and the Honorable Marilyn B. Cassidy presented What is Human Trafficking? a training seminar to raise awareness and educate court staff, law enforcement, attorneys, counselors and various other professionals engaged in combating this issue.

Presenters at the event on September 10, 2014 included Karen Walsh, Collaborative to End Human Trafficking; Melinda Haggerty, Office of the Ohio Attorney General; Kirsti Mouncey, Cleveland Rape Crisis Center; John Morgan, Cuyahoga County Sheriff/FBI Task Force and the Honorable Paul Herbert, Franklin County Municipal Court Judge – CATCH Program.

Earlier this year, Judge Cassidy spearheaded efforts to establish a specialized docket to deal with the growing amount of human trafficking cases in Northeast Ohio and this training, along with the establishment of an advisory committee, is part of these efforts.

Judge Cassidy hopes to start the new docket next month and once complete, the court will be the second such docket in the State of Ohio.  The CATCH Program (Change Action to Change Habits), was the first and was started in Columbus in 2009 by Franklin County Municipal Court Judge Paul Herbert who spoke at this event.

Listen to Audio & View Presentations
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Karen Welsh

  • Sex and Labor Trafficking Overview: the Scope of the Problem
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Kirsti Mouncey

  • Victim Trauma: Survivors of Sex Trafficking
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John Morgan

  • Coordination Among Law Enforcement
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​Melinda Haggerty

  • Ohio Human Trafficking Laws
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Hon. Paul Herbert

  • CATCH Program
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For more information about this program please contact:

Regina Daniel
Specialized Docket Coordinator, Administration
Cleveland Municipal Court
Direct Phone: (216) 664-4770
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