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Evictions FAQs

  • My tenant has not paid the rent. Do I have to file an eviction with the Court?

  • Is it true that the Court does not do move-outs in the winter?

  • I understand it may take 60 to 90 days to evict a tenant. Is that true?

  • My tenant has not paid rent for eight months. Can I get an immediate move-out date?

  • In Court, the magistrates ask if a tenant is a “Section 8 tenant.” Is the eviction procedure different for “Section 8” or subsidized tenants?

  • My landlord has refused to make repairs to my apartment. Can I withhold my rent?

  • Are move-outs delayed if tenants have children?

  • My elderly parent is being evicted. Are there any special services available for elderly tenants who are being evicted?

  • In Court, the magistrate recommended that the parties in my case try mediation. What is mediation and would I agree to try it?

  • What if I have questions about Housing Court procedure?


Code Violation Case FAQs

  • I received a summons and complaint for a Housing Code violation. Is this a criminal case?

  • Can I be sentenced to jail in a code violation case?

  • Do I need an Attorney? What if I can’t afford one?

  • What factors does the Judge consider when sentencing a defendant for code violations?

  • My wife and I own the property together. The City has cited both of us. Can the City prosecute both of us for the same violations?

  • I do not own the property for which I was cited; I take care of it for my parents. Can I still be cited for the violations?

  • I have sold the property for which I was cited. Doesn’t this resolve the case?

  • I have made all of the requested repairs, yet I received a court date in the mail. Do I still need to come to court?

  • Will a housing code case be on my “permanent record?” Can it be removed?

  • I am an elderly homeowner doing my best to maintain my property. Despite my efforts, I have been cited for code violations. Can Housing Court help me?


Mediation FAQs

  • How do I participate in a virtual hearing?

  • What is mediation and why has the Cleveland Housing Court set up a mediation program?

  • What happens in mediation?

  • What is a settlement?

  • What if we can’t agree on a settlement?

  • Who can attend the mediation?

  • Do I need a lawyer?

  • What should I bring to the mediation?

  • Will what I say in the mediation be used against me in Court?

  • How do I schedule a mediation to resolve a housing dispute?


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