Mental Health Docket Community Service Project
On Friday May 13, 2022 Mental Health Specialized Docket Judge Suzan Sweeney led a group of MHSD participants on a visit to the Village Family Farms at 1662 Crawford Road in Cleveland to help plant vegetables, herbs and flowers. Each spring the Court, in collaboration with Court Community Service, brings MHSD participants to the farm on a community service project to experience the beautiful surroundings, learn how plants are grown and how greenhouses work and to celebrate a job well done over lunch. 

Jamel Rahkeera, Executive Director of Village Family Farms was on hand along with Court Community Service Director Paul Kloder, Stanya Greathouse (Teen Start) and Mikki Smith (Taking Back Our Youth). 
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For more information about the Mental Health Docket please contact:

Jaclyn Harasimchuk
Mental Health Docket Coordinator
(216) 664-3911

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