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So that we can give quality service to all our guests without overwhelming our staff, we limit the number of people at each “In the Neighborhood” session. Click here for dates, times and locations.  

Attending an “In the Neighborhood” session is a two-step process, and it takes most of a day. We start signing in at 9AM on Thursday mornings. It is best to get there to sign in close to 8AM, because a lot of people come quite early. Bring your driver’s license (even if it’s expired) or your State ID card. If you don’t have either, we can still register you. Once we’ve taken your social security number, and given a summary of the program, we let people leave for a couple hours while we research what is on the record. We ask people to come back at 12:30 PM to hear from the service agencies that will be in the room. We start calling people at 1PM to tables in the order that they signed in.

Usually everyone has been seen by 3:30 PM.

For those whose cannot commit that much time on a Thursday, and who only need a court date or a payment plan, a limited online registration process is possible. To give quality service we limit the number of people who register online, and we only open the registration at certain times. Click here to register online. There is also a hotline 216-664-0000 to call to register. It is only available Thursdays-Fridays 12noon -4pm.     

Once you register, you will be contacted within a week. If you need court referrals, those papers will be prepared and waiting at the 3rd floor window of the Cleveland Clerk of Courts office in the Cuyahoga County Justice Center  1200 Ontario Street Cleveland 44113.

The easiest times to pick up the papers are weekdays 6:30pm-9:30pm or weekends 8am-10pm. During those times, downtown traffic is not as congested, and parking spaces are easier because expired meters are not ticketed during those hours. Also there is no long line on the Cleveland Clerk of Courts 3rd floor office.


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