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Unpaid Parking Tickets

Unpaid parking tickets in Cleveland can turn into a nightmare if they are ignored. You could try to get new license tags and find out that there is a registration hold on the tags. If 5 or more parking tickets go unpaid for too long, you can become eligible to be towed!

If the car gets towed because it had 5 or more unpaid tickets, the law says you must pay ALL of the outstanding ticket fees, plus the tow expense in order to get your vehicle back!

When you come to an event “In the Neighborhood” we want to let you know if you have outstanding parking tickets, or even old unpaid camera tickets from Cleveland. You may not even be aware of them because you let someone else have the vehicle and they got the tickets.

We can put you on a payment plan. After you make a down payment, the registration hold is lifted. When see you “In the Neighborhood”, you don’t have to pay or sign up for a payment plan right then, but we want to at least let you know what’s on the record so you can avoid a nightmare situation down the road.

During the “In the Neighborhood” season, you can make a lower down payment than during the rest of the year. 



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