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Public Access  

Notice to All Users and Legal Disclaimer

This web site was provided by Cleveland Municipal Court (hereinafter “the Court”) as a public service.  All information on this site is intended to be accurate, complete and timely; however, the Court does not warrant, expressly or by implication, the accuracy of the information contained herein nor is it responsible for any errors or omissions.  The Court assumes no liability for the information’s use or misuse.  The information provided may not reflect immediate updates, changes or rulings that have not yet been posted.  In particular, please keep in mind that any costs reflected in the Public Access Section of this website may be incomplete.  Additionally, information may be altered, amended or modified at any time without notice.  Therefore, you rely upon it at your own risk.  Information may be verified in person at the Justice Center, 1200 Ontario Street, Cleveland, Ohio or by fax request at (216) 664-2638. The risks of transmitting a document by fax to the Clerk of Court shall be borne entirely by the sending party. Anyone using facsimile filing is urged to verify receipt of such filings by contacting the Clerk of Court.

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Civil Divison fax:  (216) 664-2638

Criminal Division fax:  (216) 664-4299

Notice: It is a felony offense in the State of Ohio to tamper with public records. Ohio Revised code Section 2913.42 Tampering With Records.



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