Judge Oakar Elementary School Mock Trial 2023

Third Grade Field Trip to Judge Oakar's Courtroom and Police Museum

On Thursday, October 12, 2023 Judge Oakar hosted approximately 100 third grade students from Campus International School and Valley View Boys Leadership Academy for a visit to her courtroom for a Cleveland Municipal Court "mini-Mock Trial". This is the third straight year that Judge Oakar has carried out this event and, as always, the students thoroughly enjoyed their visit to both City Hall and the Justice Center.

The students began the day at City Hall where they met Mayor Bibb, toured the Mayor's office and took part in a mock City Council  meeting. Following lunch at City Hall, the students arrived at the Justice Center where they took part in a mock trial in Judge Oakar's courtroom involving charges of Failure to do Your Homework. The students did a great job performing all roles including judge, prosecuting and defense attorney, witness, jury and jury foreperson. Judge Oakar answered many questions from students after the trial and allowed the students to view the courtroom jail cells.

In addition to the mock trial, students were treated to a tour of the Cleveland Police Museum by Director Mazie Adams and volunteer Det. Shelley Patena (ret.). Special thanks to Ward 17 Cleveland City Councilman Charles Slife who was instrumental in the planning and implementation of this field trip.

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For more information please contact :

Deirdre Mueller
Personal Bailiff to Judge Ann Clare Oakar
(216) 664-4979

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