Courtroom Decorum

All persons entering the Justice Center are subject to search.  All persons entering the Cleveland Municipal Court shall conduct themselves with deference for the Court, displaying respect for the law, the judge or magistrate, parties, counsel, deputy bailiffs, and staff.

Appropriate dress is required, including shoes and shirts.  No hats, caps, or sunglasses are permitted to be worn in any courtroom.  Potentially inappropriate dress includes shorts or cut-offs, tank tops, midriff tops, tops with exposed shoulders, and visible undergarments.

All cell phones, pagers, and other electronic devices, including electronic games and reading devices, shall be turned off.  No food, beverage, smoking, or reading is allowed.  There is no talking permitted in any courtroom.

Parties are to have no contact with the other party or the other parties’ witnesses inside or outside of the courtroom.

Any persons committing any violation of proper decorum or conduct may be removed from the courtroom, hallway or entryway by security personnel charged with the enforcement of this policy.

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