Probation FAQs

  • If I can not keep my appointment with my Probation Officer, what should I do?

  • Where are you located?

  • What is Restitution?

  • What is the name and telephone number of my Probation Officer?

  • What is the telephone number of the County Probation Department?

  • What is House Arrest? What is Interlock?

  • Can I transfer my probation to another city, state, or office?

  • What is the telephone number for the Department of Motor Vehicles?

  • What is the telehpone number to the Clerk of Courts Office?

  • What is GPS Tracking?

  • Where can I go to pay a traffic ticket?

  • What is the telephone number for Probate Court?

  • What is my case number and when is my next court date?

  • What is Continuous Alcohol Monitor (SCRAM)?

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