76th Judge Larry A. Jones Drug Court Graduation

76th Drug Court Graduation
The 76th Graduation Ceremony of the Judge Larry A. Jones Drug Court, under the direction of Judge Lauren C. Moore took place at 4:00 p.m., Monday February 26, 2024 at the ADAHMS Board, located at 2012 W. 25th St. in Cleveland.  With ten graduates, the total number of people who have successfully completed the program since it began in 1998 will be 1,926. 

The keynote speaker for the ceremony will be Sadigoh Galloway, President and CEO of Your Recovery Counseling, an organization designed to help people recover from emotional challenges and substance use, in efforts to modify behaviors, find happiness, and enjoy the life they're living.

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This graduation introduced a new contest where Drug Court participants created artwork related to their recovery. The artwork was on display before the ceremony and attendees voted on their favorite piece. The artwork with the most votes was titled "Landscapes of Recovery" by K. King and will be the cover of the next Drug Court Growing in Recovery book. The artwork with the 2nd most votes was titled "Follow Your Dreams" by L. Missing and will be placed on the back cover.

Also recognized for his many years of service to the Court was Assistant Public Defender Keevin Berman who recently retired. 

For more information about the Judge Larry A. Jones Drug Court please contact:
Emily Gibbs
Program Coordinator                                          
Direct Phone: 216 664 6656
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