2nd Annual Greater Cleveland Drug Court Sober Ball

2nd Annual
Greater Cleveland Drug Court
Sober Ball

Promoting and Celebrating Recovery

In an effort to raise awareness about, and support those recovering from addiction, the Cleveland Municipal Court and the Greater Cleveland Drug Court presented the 2nd Annual Sober Ball at Crossroads House, located on 460 Northfield Road in Bedford, Ohio Friday, June 16, 2017.

Approximately 160 people attended the event which attracted much community support.  Local businesses and organizations donated suits, tuxedos, ties, shoes, water, punch, even haircuts to participants. According to Greater Cleveland Drug Court Judge, the Honorable Lauren C. Moore, “This is a community problem and the community has responded generously”.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the 2nd Annual Greater Cleveland Drug Court Sober Ball Royal Evening of Excellence for your generous time and dedication. Together, our contributions help create lasting memories and a brighter future for families and individuals in our community struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. We all win when the Cleveland Municipal Court makes investments to help individuals in our community become successful in life, families strengthen and become stable and people make healthy lifestyle choices.

It takes everyone working together to create a brighter future for the people in our community. On behalf of the Honorable Lauren C. Moore, Drug Court Judge; Dr. Daryl D. Jackson, Program Coordinator and Cleveland Municipal Court’s Greater Cleveland Drug Court, thank you for your time and contributions.

Special Thanks to:
Ronald B. Adrine, Administrative and Presiding Judge 
Ramona Benson, Project Manager II, Administration
Richard D. Brhel, Website Content Specialist, Administration
Gregory F. Clifford, Chief Magistrate
Rick Cutright, Deputy Bailiff/Warrant Officer
Ed Ferenc, Public Information Officer, Administration
Wallace Green, Treatment Coordinator, Probation
Michael Ivy, Deputy Chief Bailiff, Bailiff Department
Joseph W. Karthan, Deputy Bailiff/Warrant Officer
Michael A. Kozel, Deputy Bailiff/Warrant Officer
Susan Little, Deputy Chief Probation Officer, Probation Department
Neida Miller, Personnel Specialist, Administration
Lynn McLaughlin-Murray, Magistrate
Thomas Mulgrew, Bailiff Supervisor
Bette Sullivan, Support Staff Supervisor, Probation Department

For more information about the Greater Cleveland Drug Court please contact:

Dr. Daryl D. Jackson, Program Coordinator
(216) 420-8871

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