55th Greater Cleveland Drug Court Graduation

55th Drug Court Graduation Ceremony
July 26, 2017

Honorable Lauren C. Moore, Drug Court Judge
Dr. Daryl D. Jackson, Program Coordinator

On behalf of the Honorable Lauren C. Moore, Greater Cleveland Drug Court Judge; Dr. Daryl D. Jackson, Program Coordinator, and Cleveland Municipal Court’s Greater Cleveland Drug Court congratulations to the 24 approved  graduates which brings the total number of people who successfully completed the Greater Cleveland Drug Court program to 1,624 since it began 19 years ago.

State Senator Kenny Yuko (D-Richmond Heights) was the keynote speaker and received the Community Service Award for his support of Drug Court. Greater Cleveland Drug Court Program Coordinator, Dr. Daryl Jackson, was also recognized by Cleveland Municipal Court Chief Probation Officer Dean Jenkins for his exceptional service to the Greater Cleveland Drug Court over the past four years.
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Prior to State Senator Yuko's address the following video was shown in honor of Val Davis who was a member of the first Greater Cleveland Drug Court class in 1998, retired last fall from the Cleveland Municipal Court and passed away on May 31, 2017. Val's daughter and several of her family members were in attendance.   

It takes everyone working together to create a brighter future for people in our community. Together, our contributions help create lasting change and a brighter future for children, families and individuals in our community struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. We all win when Cleveland Municipal Court makes investments to help individuals in our community to become successful in life; families strengthen and become stable; and people make healthy lifestyle choices.

For more information about the Greater Cleveland Drug Court please contact:
Ed Ferenc 
Public Information Officer                                          
Direct Phone: 216 664 6787 
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