Parking Violations Bureau


Pursuant to Section 1901.31(G) Ohio Revised Code, notice is hereby given that Earle B. Turner, Clerk of the Cleveland Municipal Court, has determined that certain actions, listed herein, in the Cleveland Municipal Court which were finally concluded more than one year past in which there remains unclaimed funds or deposits in possession of the Clerk will be transferred to the General Fund of the City of Cleveland.

Any person or persons having any right or interest to said funds or deposits should make the proper claim.  Any payee wishing to file a claim should make his or her request with their ID at the Finance Division of the Cleveland Municipal Court on the second floor of the Justice Center.

Parking and Towing Accounts Unclaimed Funds Listing

Last First
Algrainees Nasser Abdulkarim A $25.00
Askar Halimo M $15.00
Avis Budget Group $120.00
Barnette Kristy A $15.00
Blevins Stuart $20.00
Boe Justin K. $10.00
Castle Robert A $5.00
Cathey Amber $2.00
Chagaros Anthony N $2.00
Combs John J $2.00
Cooper Brian A $2.00
Costa Scott $2.49
Croucher Brandon $10.00
David Jacobs $25.00
Desatnik Michael $10.00
Divto Timothy E. $1.00
Doss Janie H $120.00
Gardn Ralph A. $10.00
Gausenpohl Kathryn $10.00
Gluza Dominic A $10.00
Government Employees
Inc Co $10.00
Grace Glenn $1.38
Graley Roderick E. $10.00
Hakeem Sharif A. $2.00
Heard Jennifer $2.00
Henderson Michael L. $3.60
Hou Ying $10.00
Israel Spencer A. $2.00
Jabbarin Majd A. $3.00
Jackson Tracey $5.00
Johnson Doris $5.00
Kemp Bernard $2.00
Kombe Constantine M $5.00
Korduba Borys $10.00
Kunesh Betty S. $2.00
Lee Evelyn M. $25.00
Lewis Rebecca $10.00
Liu Xiaoxiao $2.00
Martin Gary L. $165.00
Mathur Shiva $20.00
McCalpine Karen $50.00
McGlockin Zachary $25.00
Melanie Christina $2.00
Merkel Alice W $10.00
Miller Michael Allan $10.00
Morales David L $1.00
Morales Irene Almodovar $1.00
Nelson Doris $2.00
Prince Michael P. $50.00
Puckett Michael R. $10.00
Rand Gary $20.00
Reven W Gunn $1.00
Rhodes James T $10.00
Richard Janet A $5.00
Rosenthal Joan E $15.00
Sellers Anthony $2.00
Shank Jason $2.00
Smith David F $25.00
Snell Matthew $25.00
Steingass Donna L $2.00
Sterle Joseph J $2.00
Stevens Jennifer A $10.00
Still Kenneth V. $2.75
Sutton Charlotte L $10.00
Thobaben Linda M. $10.00
Torres Wilmaris $1.00
U Haul $20.00
Vannguyen Michael $1.00
Vcfs Auto Leasing Co $2.00
Verlato Vicki $2.00
Waymon Christian $5.00
Webb Mr Sean $69.72
Williams Artivia $25.00
Williams David W. $10.00
Williams Marika L. $1.00
Wilson Gloria N. $2.00
Watson Pharm $20.00


Cash Bond Account Unclaimed Funds Listing​
Arroyo                          $55.00
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