Veterans Volunteer Mentoring Program


The mission of the Veterans Treatment Docket Mentoring Program is to support the veteran through their readjustment to civilian life, to assist the veteran with navigation through the court, treatment, and VA systems, and to act as a friend and ally through this difficult time. 


The vision of the Veterans Treatment Docket Mentoring Program is that “No Veteran is Left Behind.”


Having veterans participating as mentors is a critical part of the Veterans Treatment Docket.  We recognize that there is a bond between veterans which centers around the values and experiences that are shared, and the sacrifices that have been made.

The Mentoring Program offers support and encouragement for veterans in the court system by having the veteran mentors spend one-on-one time with the veteran after the proceedings of the Veterans Treatment Docket.  These mentoring sessions are designed to give the veteran the opportunity to bring up concerns and get feedback and support from another veteran.  The mentor has a resource book at his or her disposal to refer veterans to a wide range of available services.  The mentor is a resource to the veteran, and is NOT A COUNSELOR. 

Training on how to lead a mentoring session, what to ask, how to ask, and how to listen to the answers are part of the orientation training. 

The Veterans Treatment Docket Mentoring Program emphasizes support.  Support is a key component of the program and support to all of the veterans involved with the court system is vital to the program’s success.

The Veterans Treatment Docket Mentoring Program requires a six month commitment from all volunteer mentors in order to maintain the program at a level that will be effective in supporting the veterans in the court system.  All potential mentors are required to fill out an application and complete a short face-to-face interview with the Mentor Coordinator and the Veterans Treatment Docket Judge before being accepted into the program.  Observational activities, including observing the court proceedings and observing other mentors, will be completed prior to a new mentor leading a mentoring session. 

Veteran Mentor Position Description

Veterans Volunteer Mentoring Program Application

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